Metro Dance Club was originally the brainchild of Pauline Johnson Goetlitz.  On January 19, 1976, Pauline and four of her friends met and agreed that single dancers in the Fort Worth area would enjoy a dance club.  There were other thriving dance clubs, but this would be the singles’ own. In addition to Pauline (who was informally presiding), the group included Jess Carter, Al Cozzo and Garrett Middlebrook.  They declared themselves the Founding Board of Directors and promptly acted on three resolutions:

1) The name of the new club would be “Singles Dancers’ Club”,

2) the club would hold one dance each month on the first Saturday night and

3) the club would meet at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio on Camp Bowie Boulevard until it was able to pay for a larger facility.

The Board of Directors planned to build the Club’s membership by sending invitations to other dancers, and asked the Studio to promote the new Club at dance classes and studio parties. The club’s first dance occurred on April 3, 1976.

In June, Betty Kelley joined the Board of Directors;membership was building, but there were no officers and the Club was being run by the Founding Board.

Married couples were invited to the dance at Colonial Country Club on January 22, 1977.  At the next Board Meeting, the name ws changed to Metro Dance Club. By the mid-80’s, membership had swelled to 600, and there was a waiting list for prospective members. Thanks to the succession of dedicated and enthusiastic officers, the Metro Dance Club continues to flourish.  It still provides a wonderful setting for dancing and fellowship, for both single and married members.